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You are here because you have some interest in Dana Arazi.  Perhaps you have him as a teacher and you are looking for your class website.  Perhaps you are looking for a professional Sign Language Interpreter.  Perhaps you have attended a workshop or introductory mentoring session with him and would like to pursue more.  Whatever you are looking for there is a portal below for you.  Please select the appropriate link to be taken to where you need to be.

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No matter your level of ASL if you are looking for your class website or private instruction, this is the place to start. click the image above to get going.

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Looking for top quality ASL to English interpretation then select the image above.  just want to find out more about the person interpreting for you, your wishes will be answered.

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This is the place for you! If you're a seasoned professional looking to take the next step, or a brand new novice in the field trying to get a leg up, click the image above.

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Maker Projects

In addition to all the other stuff done above, Dana spends his off time building, making, and inventing. If you are interested in learning more, then click the image above.